Orchids for the Fun of It

Maxillaria bradei ‘Rita’ AM/AOS

Recent Awards

River Valley Orchids has received a number of recent awards from the American Orchid Society.

Dressleria dodsoniana ‘Ecuadorian Fencepost’ CHM/AOS

Phragmipedium Jason Fischer ‘River Valley Red’ AM/AOS

Maxillaria hennisiana ‘Blooming Fool’ CCE/AOS

Maxillaria atwoodiana ’Eric Christenson’ CBR/AOS

Maxillaria Luteograndiflora ‘Mem Al May’ AM/AOS

SPPM belluosum

’Cole’s Bug’ CCM/AOS

Phragmipedium pearcei

‘Papa’ HCC/AOS

Paph Apple-Master ‘On the Shelf’ AM/AOS